Food: Fast Food


One culture about food, fast food has never been left out; it is of course food with fast.

How is it in everyday life of one person?


-As the main factor for living

  Apart from clothing, medicine and residence, surely, everybody has to eat for living, but sometimes fast food lover may be thought as living for eating since it makes you gain weight and barely to find nutrients.


-As a quick meal when in rush

  As every society of every country now was so busy that workers could not even have time for fulfill their greed. Fast food is the first choice among them, since it is 10-15 bites to finish them, I mean if you are really really in a hurry.

FOOD PARTY with Thu Tran

-As for one’s party or meeting

  As you can see from, kid’s birthday party or even a growing-up’s party as a result from eating every day, fast food can be found in the pile of food provided.


How it can be popular?


-The taste

  The taste must be considered first thing first when choosing fast food restaurant and such restaurants have their own best-seller parts.


Here I have fast-food restaurants of everyone’s mind.

Mc Donald’s


-When I think of Mc, I think of a happy meal with a cute toy in it. I believe that everyone who orders this menu would want only the toy without a need of eating, although some may want it and a toy as a plus. Although this meal is aimed for kids, it is adults who actually buy it for their collections and all, until it becomes popular that you have all collections of toys that they release each month especially toys making from movie or cartoon characters. In some country, the toys aren’t all released like US have 8, but Thailand has 4, it is a mission for collectors to find it all until it reach 8 in order to be superior than others.









Furthermore, for party, Mc is chosen to be a place for kid’s party or birthday since the condition are really for kids and also some branch has a playground with toys for them, so Mc is especially for kids. For workers, it is burgers and one glass of coffee or coke for them.



– KFC is kind of familiar to Mc but, when you want to have fried chicken, you have to go to KFC as their fried chicken is very tasty than others, I’m sure everybody knows this fact. But to eat it, it has to be sitting in because it isn’t that easy to walk in a rush and eat it. So KFC is not much famous among workers. But KFC has created the culture of fried chicken well in people.

 Burger King


-As a name itself, burger king, that means they have quite confidence in their taste of burgers, and it really is. I think this restaurant best suits workers need since it has several of grab-and-go menus and not have anything that to sit in.


In addition, now food delivery to home is one factor that makes people eat it more and it is easy for hungers to eat it without wasting time to reach the real place, but you can have it at your home. So the food-delivery culture is gaining more customers as there are many restaurants start to follow this idea.


 Of course there are more of fast-food restaurants in every county’s society. These three are just examples of how fast food can be popular culture in everyday life.

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